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Message from the President

Dear friends!

Welcome to our website.

Human communication is the linking up of souls, a bridge and link of ever deepening mutual understanding. The friendship between nations is the basis of relations between countries. Civil diplomacy is an important component of the international diplomatic relations. China and Europe are although very far apart, but the friendship between their people is long-standing, the Eastern and Western cultures reflect to each other and mutually motivate the improvement of human society.

At present China has become the world’s largest and fastest-growing consumer; China’s rapid development day by day increases China’s importance and influence on the global market. Since the beginning of the 21st century, EU-China high-level visits have been more frequent than ever, economic and trade cooperation are building unceasingly, there is ever increasing cultural exchange and activity between the people. We are now witnesses to the critical period of deepening EU-China relations, so the good management of friendly civil relations and exchanges is the key to building mutual trust, respect and tolerance, thus supporting the simultaneous unfolding of civil and economic cooperation.

With the transformation of China’s economy from investment- and export-driven to the stimulated domestic consumption model, now the retail, catering and services industries will face tremendous opportunities in China in the coming twenty years.

As the world’s multi-polarization and economic globalization pushes forward, as the interdependence and mutual responsibility between China and Europe increases, and as the  advanced European culture, industrial, energy and environmental protection technologies and urban construction and management know-how links up with the ever maturing Chinese market, it falls to us to cultivate new fields of growth, it is our responsibility to promote the EU-China relations to even higher levels and to guide the progress towards more balanced directions.

Since its foundation, Euro Times has been actively engaged in international relations and exchange, unceasingly expanding and growing by implementing diversified development strategies, relying on a new operation model, professional quality service, its superior resources and relationship network.

The Euro Times team has many years experience in managing large international business operations, has a deep understanding of the various profit-gaining and management models, along with the purchasing and operating systems of foreign capital and enterprises entering China. Under the current situation of global economic integration, based on its many years experience in investment and its professional management team, Euro Times makes its duty to enhance cooperation between European enterprises and China, to forge a special platform for Chinese and European business investments, to provide a bridge for the international capital and the enterprises, to wholeheartedly and professionally assist partners in advancing the European or the Chinese market.

No matter which period of its history, Euro Times has always persisted in the “Client first, prestige above all” concept, has always been fair, transparent, honest and sincere to all clients, suppliers, buyers and partners. No matter which field of the global market, Euro Times has always added the strategy of “success and sustainable development” to all its products and services, creating even greater value for its clients.

Through the distillation of many years experience, Euro Times has formed a unique, rich, practical operating system. Cherishing the prospect of China’s and Europe’s positive economic development, we offer our knowledge and resources to those enterprises and managers that need it, knowing that with our help they will be able to calmly face the ever fiercer market competition in the next ten years, that together we shall seize the coming golden era of EU-China joint development.

Core Values:

Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation

Euro Times International ltd.

Chairman of the Board

Guo Yong